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Westminster's Mathematics Program

Why Study Mathematics at Westminster?

The Westminster Mathematics program offers challenging classes with small class sizes and lots of opportunities for one-on-one interaction with the faculty. We have many opportunities for students to further their mathematical interests. Our curriculum meets the needs of students preparing to teach mathematics, students planning on graduate studies, students desiring to pursue non-teaching degrees in mathematics, students majoring in other academic disciplines who need a mathematics foundation, and students desiring practice in the art of logic and thinking.

Many employers look for candidates with a strong mathematical background, even if the job itself does not seem to require mathematical knowledge. Such a background shows that the applicant has developed good critical thinking skills, can think logically and is a good problem solver. Professions that specifically require a strong mathematical background are numerous. Math professors and math teachers obviously belong to these, but some less obvious ones include weather forecasters, technical editors, computer programmers, medical researchers and people in financial, scientific and actuarial fields, to name just a few.

The Westminster Difference:

  • Recent mathematics majors have gone on into areas as varied as mathematical biology, sound engineering, architecture, law, dentistry, economics, actuarial science, computer programming, design engineering and medicine.

  • Each year, students participate in the Putnam exam and the Mathematical Contest in Modeling, engage in research projects with faculty, and travel to mathematics conferences.

  • Join our math club, Lemma, which is very active and organizes a number of activities, such as Pi Day, volunteer tutoring, and more.

  • Our Math Tutor Center offers free tutoring in lower level math classes, and a great job opportunity for students who have taken upper level math classes.