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Short Courses

Short Courses

1. Hyperbolic Geometry given by David Wright,

2. Writing Expository Mathematics given by Ivars Peterson.

Constructing Hyperbolic Pentagons, David Wright

In this workshop you will learn how to construct hyperbolic polygons on a negatively curved surface.
You will also get to see a piece of the hyperbolic plane.
You will be able to see why the parallel postulate fails in the hyperbolic plane by finding a line and a point not on the line that has two parallel lines through the point to the given line.
All participants will go home with a triangle with three 45 degree angles and with instructions on how to construct a pentagon with five right angles.
This workshop is especially appropriate for instructors of the geometry class for teachers.

Writing Mathematics Well, Ivars Peterson
The importance of communicating mathematics clearly and effectivelyis evident in the many ways in which mathematicians must write, whether to produce technical reports, expository articles, book reviews, essays, referee's reports, grant proposals, research papers, evaluations, or slides for oral presentations.  With a focus on exposition, this workshop offers tips for improving writing skills, from grammat and usage to mauscript or slide presentation.  It also suggests how participants can contribute to the public understanding of mathematics.