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What to Expect

What to expect

The seminar is available to students finishing in the Westminster College MBA, MBATC, MACC or Project Based MBA programs and to any alumni of those programs. Individuals who are sincerely interested in learning how to improve personal and business skills and behaviors (those who are interested in exploring new concepts and gaining critical feedback) will do the best in the Master Track Program.

Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate:

  • An interest in professional and personal development: Participants interested in self-reflection and improvement and/or improving the organization they serve and/or the companies they wish to create will get the most out of, and contribute the most to, the Master Track program.
  • Leadership ability; in general, the participant needs to show how they have been a leader in the past and/or describe their leadership goals for the future.
  • Academic performance: applicants should have a 3.5 GPA and 20 credits minimum to apply

Applicants must provide:

  • Commitment: Participants must commit to attending all meetings during the year. With the small size of the group, full participation will measurably enhance the quality of the experience.
  • Confidentiality: Each participant must agree to hold all discussions in strict confidence.
  • Openness: Each participant should have a "lifelong student" orientation and be willing to be an active participant in a group setting.

(Leaders can ask participants to terminate their relationship with Master Track if these factors are not sufficient for the individuals or groups best interest; the fee will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.)

What should participants expect to get out of Master Track?  

  • Better understanding of the personal challenges and rewards in starting and/or running a business;
  • Personal exposure to leaders to the greater Salt Lake business community and network building;
  • Safe environment in which to explore personal and professional challenges and opportunities;
  • Clearer understanding of the trade-offs of a chosen career path;
  • Sense of fulfillment and accomplishment by helping yourself and others work through business and career issues;
  • Trusting relationship with a successful, experienced businessperson who can help mentor and hold participants accountable;
  • Experience in a small group where support, criticism, creativity and group process skills are fostered;
  • Opportunity for personal/professional growth through exploration of strengths & development needs.

What did participants from previous Master Track classes say about their experiences?

"Master Track is not only about your relationship with a mentor or a group...It is about your relationship with your inner self. It is an introspective analysis of your deeper thoughts and feelings, encouraging you to intimately dance with your fears as you get close to the edge...Jumping off that edge is the ultimate thrill because it is a liberating experience that brings together courage, determination and incredible personal growth." (Ana Hooker)

"I came in expecting business learning, and I am leaving with a better understanding of myself, my life, and my future." (Jeff Nelson)

"Hands down, Master Track was the most valuable piece of my Westminster education." (Angie Welsh)

"Master Track was the capstone to my MBA Program and an experience that I will never forget." (Michelle Johnson)