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Master of Business Administration in Technology Management (MBATM)

Master of Business Administration in Technology Management (MBATM)

The MBA TM is designed for the engineer, scientist, or technologist who needs more education and experience in the management of the firm. The MBA TM will prepare you for the unique nature of technology intensive firms in such areas as the following:The Center for Financial Analysis on campus

  • intellectual property law and strategy
  • financing technology-intensive projects
  • managing project/product development
  • leveraging intellectual property
  • marketing technology products
  • managing the technology team

Through a combination of technology-specific and business management classes, you will achieve the MBA skill-set, with an added expertise in technology.


What is unique about the Westminster MBATM program?

  • The program is highly customizable to help you meet your individual career goals.
  • The core courses are very interdisciplinary, meaning that you won't learn about finance or marketing by itself; instead, you'll understand finance and marketing in relation to how they work with other functional parts of business to achieve overall firm strategy.
  • The program concentrates on both professional and personal skill sets, meaning that while you are building analytical tools in the financial aspects of the firm, you are also learning to augment your personal skill sets in leadership, critical thinking, networking, professional communication, and a long list of others.
  • The Westminster MBATM fits into your life. If you are like many of our other students, you have significant life commitments, and you need a program that "fits" with these. Our program is NOT lock-step; you can take courses as you are able, as long as prerequisites are met. We have three full semesters in a year, with all core courses available in each semester. The Westminster MBA program fits.
  • We believe in the balance between theoretical preparation and practical application. When you leave our program, you understand the theoretical principles and you have experience in applying them to business problems.
  • Our program is not just a series of classes. As a Westminster MBA student, you have access to workshops, seminars, networking events with alumni and business leaders, campus events and more. And it doesn't stop when you graduate. Your participation in all of these opportunities does not cost you extra.
  • Our fixed price model means that you know the full price of the program at the beginning. All class materials, fees, and even a required 10 day international trip are included in the fixed price. There are no annual tuition increases in the Westminster MBATM program. The price is truly fixed.
  • If you've never studied business before, no problem. We have preparatory opportunities available to help you get up to speed. These self-paced materials are available to you as part of the overall program cost.

What are the requirements?

Many students can complete the program between 2 to 3 years; however, this varies with each student's commitment and requirements to complete the program. Please see the Academic Catalog for specific class listings and requirement information.

  • Core of the program: 35 credits
    The core 35 hours of coursework is designed to give you a solid foundation in technology commercialization. These interdisciplinary courses help you understand the business issues around bringing new technologies to market in either existing firms or in entrepreneurial undertakings.
  • Electives: 4 credits
    Electives can be used to help you individualize your degree to your desired career goals.

Can I do this?

If you are like many of our students, you have many things going on in your life--work, family, activities. Can you complete a Westminster MBA Technology Management degree? Our classes are offered evenings and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule. It will take a significant time and energy commitment on your behalf, but the reward will be worth it.

What do we expect?

Learning is greatly enhanced when you are actively involved; we're looking for you to bring your experience and your commitment. Westminster greatly values your work experience because it brings context to the classroom and heightens learning. The faculty at Westminster feels as if your experience is a valuable guide to your ability to complete an MBA Technology Management degree.

Quotes from the Technology Community

"Workable technology without commercialization is empty and commercialization of products without excellent technology only fills a slumlord's junkyard. The Technology Commercialization Program combines excellence in both technology management and effective commercialization to build successful and responsible businesses. This combination will also put the slumlords out of business." - Richard Crangle, CEO, Crantech Research

"It has been impressive to see the Westminster faculty and business leaders come together to develop the curriculum for the Technology Commercialization program. Westminster with its intimate atmosphere is in a unique position to enable its MBA candidates to connect to the real world." - Jack Sunderlage, HP-Compaq (Retired)


"For years, inventors, scientists and engineers have chanted and followed the mantra "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door." Unfortunately the mantra is false. Thankfully Westminster College has recognized this fact, and its new Technology Commercialization program is designed specifically to ensure that mousetrap inventors the world over have the best chance for success they can have." - David Politis, CEO, Politis Communications