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Preparation for National Board Certification with the MED

Preparation for National Board Certification with the MED

This MED program prepares you to submit materials for National Board Certification in many certification areas. The coursework enables you to be up-to-date in your content area and the pedagogies used in your content area.

All students take:

MED 606 Theoretical Perspectives in Education (3)
MED 640 Introduction to NBPTS Certification (2)
MED 678 Action Research for NBPTS Certification (2)
MED 644 Cutting-edge Content Know: Guided Study (3)
MED 646 Cutting-edge Pedagogies: Guided Study (3)
MED 642 Comm, Schools & Families in Div Society (3)
MED 672 Instructional Technology (3)
MED 650 Introduction to Research Methods (2)
MED 679 Research Methodologies (3)
MED 680 Research Project (3)

Students may choose 6 elective credits from the following:

MED 605 Contemporary Issues in Education (3)
MED 612 Models and Processes of Literacy (3)
MED 615 Education, Schools and Politics (3)
MED 622 Language Acquisition and Assessment (3)
MED 630 Children’s/Adolescent Literature (3)
MED 631 Writing in the Classroom (3)
MED 632 Assessment & Intervention of Rdg Processes (3)
MED 633 Advanced Reading Comprehension (3)
MED 636 Early Literacy Instruction (3)
MED 658 Reading and Writing in the Content Area (3)
MED 660 Directed Studies (1–3)

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