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Basic & Advanced Reading Endorsements

Basic and Advanced Reading Endorsements


Westminster’s Reading Endorsement programs are designed for licensed K-12 teachers. Teachers who want to become highly effective literacy educators in their own classrooms will want to complete the Level I (Basic) Endorsement.

Teachers who have obtained a Level I Endorsement and who want to work as school- or district-level literacy coaches will want to complete the Level II (Advanced) Endorsement.

Both endorsements aim to deepen educators’ understanding of the development of literacy processes and of literacy instruction.

All courses in both endorsement programs can be taken to fulfill requirements toward completing the endorsements and/or toward completing a Master of Education degree (M.Ed.).

Basic Reading Endorsement Courses

MED 612 Models and Processes of Literacy (3)
MED 630 Children’s/Adolescent Literature (3)
MED 631 Writing in the Classroom (3)
MED 632 Assessment & Intervention of Rdg Processes (3)
MED 633 Advanced Reading Comprehension (3)
MED 636 Early Literacy Instruction (3)
MED 658 Reading and Writing in the Content Area (3)

Courses required to complete the MED

MED 606 Theoretical Perspectives (3)
MED 650 Intro to Research Methods (2)
MED 679 Research Methodologies (3)
MED 680 Research Project (3)

Advanced Reading Endorsement

This program is designed for students who already hold a teaching license and have completed the Basic Reading Endorsement at Westminster College. Students may complete an additional five credits and focus their research coursework as part of the advanced reading endorsement—which requires a total of 37 credits.

Students who have completed their Basic Reading Endorsement at another accredited institution may complete the Advanced Reading Endorsement by completing 11 credits of coursework.

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