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westminster coaching and mentoring 

 The importance of mentoring on the student experience cannot be overstated: mentoring allows students to be connected to the institution and its vision, enhances interpersonal relationships among students, builds community, and increases retention. For these reasons, mentoring is a fundamental building block of a Westminster education. The Westminster Coaching and Mentoring Center is located on campus in Converse 2nd.

This portal will provide you access to Westminster’s innovative mentoring programs, including:

  • First Year Network: Student peer mentoring to build learning communities and elevate college success.
  • Alumni Mentoring Program: Alumni-Student mentoring for personal and professional development.
  • Gold to Grad: Young Alumni mentoring Westminster seniors through the graduation process.
  • MBA Master Track: Personal and professional development for MBA graduate students.
  • MPC Master Track: Personal and professional development for MPC graduate students.