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First Year Program

The First Year Program at Westminster College

Westminster College recognizes the importance of a coordinated, dynamic, and successful first year for our students. In addition to our First Year Orientation program, we also offer Learning Communities for each student and a First Year Mentoring Program.                                                                             

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Learning Communities

As part of Westminster’s commitment to develop new models of teaching and learning, several interdisciplinary learning communities are now offered to first-year students. Learning Communities link two classes together with a common theme in order to build integration across disciplines and to foster deeper understanding of each discipline. These interdisciplinary courses are designed to help first year students adjust to college, improve critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills, practice writing and presentation skills, and establish strong relationships with other students and faculty.

Typically, at least one of the classes in the learning community also fulfills a liberal education requirement. Sometimes, a course is paired with an INTR course which is a course designed for first-year students as a seminar that focuses on issues of college life.

Mentoring Program

Faculty who teach in learning communities may also serve as mentors for first year students. Faculty mentors welcome their first year students to the Westminster campus, assist students in the transition to college life, provide information and advice about liberal education requirements, and mentor students as they begin their studies and throughout their first year at Westminster. Faculty mentors also provide information to students regarding choice of major and career options.     

2015-2016 First Year Program

First Year Academic Advising Program