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MPC Application

If you are interested in applying to the MPC program, you will need to complete an application to the college and additional materials required by the MPC Program:

For more information about the admissions process and to apply, please visit the Admissions site.

What kind of writing sample should I submit?
Your writing sample should be a five- to ten-page document which demonstrates that you can explore and develop an idea in a coherent, logical fashion.

Submissions can include academic papers, proposals, reports, manuals, or other business documents. If your work involves several styles of writing, you may want to submit more than one document. Creative or fiction writing samples are not accepted. If you do not have a document you feel is appropriate for submission, you may respond to and submit the MPC Writing Test. (You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print this PDF file).

What makes a "successful" applicant?
Successful MPC applicants will have a well-rounded application, including competitive grades in their undergraduate courses, especially communication and composition courses; a professional-quality writing sample; and possibly some work experience in a communication-related field.MPC instructor

Each applicant is looked at individually; there are no "cut-offs," "minimum grade requirements," or "admissions caps." For example, a student who had poor grades but has been out of school for twenty years, has stellar work experience, and submits an excellent writing sample is still eligible for admission. Likewise, a candidate who has just finished his/her undergraduate degree, has little professional experience, but has a good writing sample and a high grade point average may also be eligible. We are interested in applicants who will be successful in the program and exemplary graduates.

When should I apply?
Westminster accepts applications at any time, so there is no specific application deadline. However, we strongly recommend you apply at least two months before the semester in which you want to begin school. Classes tend to fill up quickly, so give yourself plenty of time to complete the application process and have your application reviewed by the committee. If you are admitted to the program, you can then select the class schedule that is optimal for you.

How long will it take to find out whether I've been admitted to the program?
You should receive an acceptance or denial letter from the Westminster Office of Admissions no more than one month after all required information has been received. If you don't hear from the admissions office within that time period, you're welcome to call (801) 832-2200 to verify that all of your materials have been received.