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Westminster's Public Health Program (MPH)

What is Public Health?

Public health is a dynamic, multidisciplinary field whose mission is to improve health and prevent diseases in populations. It shows us the big picture in health care, from our interaction with individual health care providers to daily decisions that affect personal health. It also spans local, national, and international issues that affect population health. A well-trained public health professional incorporates many disciplines, such as microbiology, genetics, medicine, business, social work, political science, sociology, management, marketing, communications, statistics, and psychology, to solve complex health problems. Public health practitioners are at the forefront in the battle against disease, whether it is avian flu, cancer, diabetes, environmental toxins, HIV/AIDS, obesity, safety in the workplace, foodborne illnesses, or a number of other newly emerging threats to health.  More than any other field, public health is the most effective method to assure a healthy and vibrant population.


This photograph showed three CDC health officials inspecting specimens suspected of being connected with a Hantavirus outbreak.


Why Public Health at Westminster?

The Westminster Public Health Program establishes a solid foundation for public health practice in the twenty-first century.  The Program focuses on developing knowledge and skills needed to be an effective member of the public health workforce.  The Program educates professionals to promote and protect public health and safety through education, service, and the application of evidence-based science.  The program offers a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree and a Certificate in Public Health that are taught in a "worker-friendly" format, meaning, core courses will be offered every two weeks on a Friday and Saturday during the semester.  Some elective courses are offered in the evenings.  The MPH degree is recognized internationally for the public health professional.


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Fall 2015 Start Term

  • The program is taking applications for the fall 2015 semester; the priority deadline is May 1, 2015, while applications received after that date will be reviewed and accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please call Admissions at 801-832-2200 for more details.