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If you are interested in applying to the MSC program, you will need to complete an application to the college and additional materials required by the MPC Program:

What makes a "successful" applicant?
Because the MSC program relies on every learner bringing unique skills and knowledge to the program, we are looking for people who meet the following description:

  • Is a self-motivated learner
  • Is excited about learning within a group of other dedicated learners
  • Has aspirations and the motivation to move into a leadership role in a communication career

When should I apply?
The MSC program has Fall and Spring start dates. We strongly recommend you apply at least two months before the semester in which you want to begin school to give yourself plenty of time to complete the application process and have your application reviewed by the committee.

How long will it take to find out whether I've been admitted to the program?
You should receive an acceptance or denial letter from the Westminster Office of Admissions no more than one month after all required information has been received. If you don't hear from the admissions office within that time period, you're welcome to call (801) 832-2200 to verify that all of your materials have been received.