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Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling

The Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling is a graduate program that prepares students for clinical practice and potential licensure as a clinical mental health counselor (CMHC). This 3 year program requires 60 hours of graduate work, following guidelines established by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (i.e., specializations in Mental Health Counseling) and the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. Broad in scope, its focus and course work support a range of theoretical perspectives and potential practice with diverse treatment populations.


The Masters in Mental Health Counseling Program at Westminster College educates students in the fundamentals of counseling theory and practice in an experiential and interpersonal learning environment that facilitates personal and professional growth. Our aim is to train professional counselors with a sound basis in ethical behavior, counseling theories, and professional skills, creating a knowledge base and capacity for thinking that can be translated into effective counseling practice with individuals, families, and groups from diverse backgrounds. We strive to guide our students to become more self-aware and self-reflective as they hone their intellectual and emotional skills. We encourage critical thinking, emphasize professional honesty and integrity, and foster a commitment to providing services to local communities. 

Program Goals

• Practice in the field of counseling with a comprehensive understanding of ethical and professional behavior.
• Establish a professional identity in a career as a professional counselor within a local community.
• Articulate a fundamental knowledge of research, theory, and practice in the field of counseling from a broad range of clinical perspectives.
• Engage in critical thinking skills and develop a heightened self-awareness.
• Appreciate and practice counseling skills with an acute sensitivity to issues of diversity.
• Seek professional consultation with colleagues and supervisors, facilitating engagement in a life long learning process.
• Assess individuals, families, and groups using appropriate theory and skills and derive appropriate intervention strategies to help these clients resolve their problems of living.  

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