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Getting Around Salt Lake

Utah’s naming and numbering system for streets is based on a “grid” system with Temple Square (LDS Church Headquarters) as the center of town. The streets begin with 100 (or 1st) and continue upward by block, and are named by their position (north, south, east, west) relative to the center. So, Westminster College, at 1840 South and 1300 (or 13th) East is located eighteen and a half blocks south and thirteen blocks east from the center of the city. The towering Wasatch Mountains are located to the east.

The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) runs the bus and light rail (TRAX) system and is the most convenient way to get around if you don’t have a car or a ride. Westminster students can use their Westminster ID as a FREE UTA premium pass. There is a UTA bus stop to the east (1300 East) and to the west (1100 West) of the Westminster campus.

Most Westminster students carpool to local ski resorts.Transportation to the ski resorts is not covered by the free UTA bus pass, though students can connect to busses that run to the resorts.

Carpool Connection Website is an online way to find other Westminster folks to share a ride. 
Westminster does provide airport shuttles to and from the airport before and after the Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday breaks. Your student should watch his or her email for notices about how to sign up for shuttle times. A local shuttle service to the airport is also available here.

Bicycle Resources

Westminster Wheels is the college’s FREE bike rental program. Check out one of our lovely Kona Africa Bikes from the Westminster Bicycle Collective.

Westminster Bicycle Collective offers a do-it-yourself bike shop on campus where you can get help with your bike for FREE.

Bike theft is a problem on every college campus. Although Westminster College has a low theft rate, it is still important for students to lock their bike properly (with both a U-Lock and a Cable Lock) in order to insure you are not the next theft victim. Bicycle racks are located adjacent to most buildings on Westminster’s campus. The college also has several partially or fully covered bike parking spots on campus and a restricted access bicycle cage in the northwest parking structure with parking for more than 50 bikes. Click here for more complete bicycle use, registration, and storage information on campus.