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Pre-Professional Health

Westminster's Pre-Professional Health Programs

Pre-Professional Health Programs:

There are many professional programs that are considered as pre-professional health programs.  It is a common misconception that one is only a pre-professional health student if they are either pre-med or pre-dent.  Westminster College offers courses that satisfy the pre-requisite requirements for many kinds of health programs.  A sample listing of these health programs is below.

•Allopathic Medicine (MD)   •Osteopathic Medicine (DO)  •Pharmacy            

•Bio Ethics •Physician Assistant •Optometry •Nursing  

•Chiropractic Medicine   •Naturopathic Medicine •Public Health        

•Physical Therapy •Health Sciences •Biomedical Sciences         

•Medical Scientist Training (MD/PhD)  •Veterinary Medicine •Podiatry                                          

 •Dental Medicine   •Medical Imaging  •Occupational Therapy 

•Speech-Language Pathology             

Why Choose Westminster's Pre-Professional Health Program?

In general, professional schools require applicants to have completed course work in the basic sciences but not in areas that duplicate medical or dental school courses, and they seriously encourage study in the social sciences, the humanities, and mathematics. Each student's program is designed so that by the end of the junior year they will have completed the basic requirements for application to professional schools and enjoy success in a medical profession.

What Else?

The term "Pre-Professional" does not designate a specific major or preferred undergraduate program at Westminster College as medical schools do not necessarily favor one major over another, although students are encouraged to take the necessary science prerequisites. You will work closely with a faculty advisor who will help you with your course plan and application to medical school.

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