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Room & Board Costs

Room & Board Costs 2014 - 2015 

Room and board prices are effective for August 2014 through May 2015. All prices are subject to change in May for the following academic year. 

Housing Fees (First-Year Students)

Traditional-Style (Hogle/Carleson):
Semester: $2,454


Apartment-Style (Olwell/Behnken):
Semester: $3,010




Housing Fees (Upper-Classmen and Transfer Students)

Apartment-Style (Stock):
Semester: $3,010


(Villa Darvi/Century):  
Semester: $2,860


Westminster on the Draw:  
Semester: $3,739


Meal Plans

All students living in a traditional-style double or apartment-style single room, as well as our campus-owned houses are required to be on one of two meal plans offered for the entire academic year. Having a meal plan in an apartment-style double or Westminster on the Draw is optional. Meals and beverages are served at the Griff's Roost Cafe in the Basis Center and in the Shaw Student Center. The average breakfast meal costs $5.59, average lunch costs $6.59, and average dinner costs $7.59. Meal plans are set up similar to a debit card. If you buy something for $5, that amount of money comes off your card. It's a declining balance card. 

Gold Meal Plan:
Semester: $1,774


Purple Meal Plan:
Semester: $1,405



Fall-term meal plan balances can carry over to spring term if campus residency continues, and spring-term balances can carry over to May term if campus residency continues. If at any time residents move out of the halls - thus ending or breaking their room and board contract - their remaining meal plan balances are non-refundable. Residents must be full-time students during the fall and spring terms or their contracts are in default.

Westminster College is excited to announce our new partnership with Bon Appetit to provide quality food service for students!