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Being Green

Being Green 

1. Buy Green for your room: There are several environmentally friendly products out there at competitive prices. Everything from organic cotton sheets to chemical free cleaners to recycled school supplies! Lots of these types of items of available at the school bookstore.

2. Pack with T-shirts, towels, or newspaper: Instead of purchasing bubble wrap or packing peanuts, try using clothes or old newspaper for protecting your stuff. For larger items, try wrapping them in blankets or comforters and tying with reusable twine.

3. Think ahead: You’ll move in and out every year in college! If you bring cardboard moving boxes, consider keeping some flattened under your bed to use during move-out. Investing in reusable bins or trunks and using empty suitcases are also good ideas. If you must purchase cardboard boxes, look for used ones at local grocery stores.

4. Skip the bottled water: Consider purchasing a water filler and make use of the reusable water bottles that are given at orientation! Goosenecks and water filling stations are available throughout campus for easier water bottle filling.

5. Avoid unnecessary duplicates: It’s a good idea to contact your roommates before packing to find out in advance who is bringing what. This will save money and space when packing.

6. Know what Westminster gives you: Westminster provides lots of student services meaning you need less stuff! Westminster rents out TV’s, mini fridges, and cable boxes- look out for these stations during Move-In. Students get free printing at Giovale Library and computers all around campus, so a personal printer isn’t really necessary. Westminster also provides students with free access to the UTA bus/trax system, free bike rentals through Westminster’s Bike Collective, and access to the U-Car Share Program.

7. Recycle: Recycling bins for individual rooms are available for rent through the Environmental Center. Additionally, recycling bins are located on all floors of residential halls and every building on campus (glass recycling available in Shaw and in Meldrum).

8. Plan your trips: If new purchases are needed, try to shop locally at Sugarhouse! This will save you time, money and reduce the carbon footprint of your move-in.

9. Bag the bag: Don’t forget to bring reusable bags with you when you go shopping for school supplies and food. Many grocery stores offer discounts off purchases when you bring a reusable bag as well!

10. Remember to unplug: Leaving your chargers, appliances and lights unplugged during move-in may help in setting habits for the rest of the year for reducing energy use and saving money!

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