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Letters to the Editor

Letters To The Editor

Summers at Westminster in the early 60s were pretty quiet. There were occasional classes, tours by busfuls of young folks from the cities of the East, and lots of maintenance projects. During the school year, I was a student, but in that summer I was an employee, assigned to various maintenance projects. For living accommodations, I was enlisted to sleep in Ferry Hall, now a mere Georgian Renaissance architectural memory, in return for “keeping an eye on the place.”

One delightful summer evening I noticed a couple out on the steps on the west side. During the school year this was a favorite evening spot for students because it offered a delightful view of the sunset over the Oquirrhs. But why this couple was there, in the middle of summer, I was puzzled. I went out and made conversation.

“We’re here reliving a moment in our history,” the man said, including his lovely companion with a gesture. “This is where I proposed to my wife.” We talked a bit about Westminster. I allowed that I was a student now, and shared my enthusiasm for the school and its warmth and challenging academics.

I turned to leave, satisfied that the building was safe for another night, and he said, “Perhaps you know our daughter, Ginger. Ginger Gore.” Sure, I knew Ginger. She was a year ahead, but in those days if you were a campus resident you knew every other resident.We chatted a minute more.

That was the only time I met Bill and Vieve Gore. I was impressed then, and even now I cherish that moment as a connection reaching from a previous generation’s Westminster experience, through mine, and right up to now.

Footnote: In an odd arc that’s part of this circle, I now manufacture a musical instrument that is shipped from my shop often equipped with Elixir Electric Bass Strings, manufactured by W. L. Gore and Associates.

I cannot look at the package they come in without remembering that summer evening on the steps of Ferry Hall.

Lee Barker
Class of ’66


Hello, I don't know why I'm on your mailing list, being neither alumni nor donor, but I must say I am very impressed with your most recent Review, which I received yesterday. I'm perfectly happy being on your list! Who knows, perhaps I'll become a megamillionaire and leave Westminster a massive legacy all because of this simple mistake.

Patrick de Freitas

We'll definitely keep you on the list! I'm unable to determine exactly why you're there, but if you're happy, we're happy. Since it is not often that we hear from someone who receives our publications who is not in some way related to the Westminster community, if you have any comments on design or content, we'd be interested to hear them. And the best of luck in the megamillionaire business. Ed.


Can you tell me who did the painting of Jay Lees on page 32 of the Spring 2005 Westminster College Review?

Sonja Chesley

Hi, Sonja. The painting of Jay Lees was done by retired Westminster art professor, Don Doxey. Ed.