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Reclaimed Wood Floor

Reclaimed Wood Floor

The wood used in Meldrum's atrium floor nautilus pattern is from four different wood species, each with a unique story and each representing an ecologically and socially preferable source of lumber.
  • The lightest colored wood is reclaimed maple.
  • The next lightest is beech from old barn timbers.
  • The darkest wood is black walnut harvested from a walnut grove in Porterville, California that had stopped producing.
  • The reddish colored wood is tigerwood, Astronium Fraxinifolium, grown in Latin and South America.

All of the wood, except the black walnut, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which requires that forests are managed to ensure long-term productivity and protect local cultures, economies, wildlife, soils, and recreation.

The Pattern on the Meldrum Science Center's Atrium Floor