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Lounge Workspaces

Practicing Science as a Collaborative Process

Faculty offices are located near student workspaces to promote dialogue across the disciplines.

In science labs and field projects around the world, collaborative efforts enhance creativity and productivity. A greater focus on collaborative learning will better prepare science graduates for the interdisciplinary and team-oriented nature of the real world.

Research has documented that students working in teams learn more, understand more, and remember more. Each integrated lab/classroom space is designed to support the teamwork that stimulates collaborative learning. As students work together, they encounter a diverse set of perspectives and skills leading to a rich exchange of ideas. In a collaborative learning environment, students are more likely to acquire the critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills frequently considered important outcomes of undergraduate education. The Meldrum Science Center provides the additional space needed to offer more undergraduate research opportunities. When students engage in a collaborative learning relationship with a faculty mentor, they further their journey toward becoming life-long learners.