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Contest Details
Winter at Westminster On-Line Video Contest 2008
Sponsored by Dynastar, & Spy Hop Productions

Contest Theme: How do you Winter at Westminster?
Group Size: 3-5 students per group
Contest Prizes
“Students Choice Award (Grand Prize)” Sponsored by W@W
• Prize: Each team member will have a choice of either winning a pair of the Dynastar Mythic Riders or a Rossignol Scope Snowboard. (*see below for equipment description)
• Criteria & Selection: Review grand prize formula below:

Grand Prize Formula
Views on YouTube (# of views for group/total # of all views of all groups) * 100
Ranking on YouTube (# of stars for group/total # of stars of all groups) * 100
Votes at Event (# of votes for group/total # of votes for all groups) * 200

Note: The count on the YouTube views and average star-ranking will be taken from the YouTube website on April 18th at noon.
• Recommendation: To earn the maximum points for the contest, students are encouraged to promote their YouTube video to their friends, family and loved one’s and have them to vote on the video as well. In addition, students are encouraged to bring Westminster students, faculty, and the general public to the W@W Video Screening event on April 18th at 5:00pm in the Gore School of Business.

The special video screening event will be held on April 18th in the Gore School Auditorium, where all W@W videos will be shown. Attending students will be given ballots to cast their vote on their favorite video. After all videos are shown, all ballots will be counted and the grand prize contest formula will be calculated to determine the winner. The winners will be announced at the end of this event.

“Dynastar’s Choice Award” Sponsored by Dynastar
• Prize: Dynastar Swag Bag and the winning video will be hosted on Dynastar’s staff website for one month and on Freeskier’s website (pending).
• Criteria:
1) Living the ski life/performance, experience-oriented; Activities that surround the sport; that skiers are familiar with, can relate to and may find inspiring: Weather watching, Preparing equipment, First in line for chair/tram on a powder day, Building a kicker, Traverse/hike before skiing, Etc…
2) Actual skiing/riding: Park/pipe, Freeride, Hiking/Touring/Backcountry
3) Communities of skiers: Groups of people engaged in above activities 3 or more; Candid images, not posed or staged
4) Key words for Dynastar brand pieces and imagery: Small community, Emotion, Passion, Commitment, Inviting, Inspiring, Motivating, Exciting
5) Tone: Humble, Inviting, Passionate
6) There should be Dynastar brand presence – skis being used, stickers, posters, logos, etc.
• Selection: This winning video will be chosen by Dynastar’s staff.

*Dynastar Mythic Rider Fluid
New this season, the Mythic Rider is a high performance all mountain ski designed for high speed turns in any condition. Using “3D construction” it is a very versatile ski with a 21m turn radius. The 3D construction removes material in the center of the top sheet yet puts additional power to the edge. This allows skiers to put a lot of pressure on the edge for grip and performance.
The Mythic Rider uses a composite core with one layer of Titanal. The composite core allows for precise flex. The Titanal layer aids balancing of the torsional flex with the flex of the ski and also helps to give the ski a smooth ride at speed.
Binding: PX12 Fluid Wide
Sizes: 165, 172, 176, 184 Sidecut: 122-88-110 Radius: 21m@178

Rossignol Scope Snowboard
The Scope was completely revamped this year with wider overall waist widths and stances to better fit today’s freestyle riders’ needs.
Style: FS
Waist: 246 – 270mm
Progressive sidecut
Core: Wood 6420

“Goats Gone Wild” Sponsored by
• Prize: $100 per person
• Criteria: Students should place Goat stickers on whatever they can find: themselves, their boards/skis, helmets, etc.) and work it into the video. Creativity, locations, the ability to work the goat into the video and outlandish antics and/or stunts will score well with the judges. A standard supply of stickers will be made available for each video team.
• Selection: This winning video will be chosen by’s staff.

“Spy Hop’s Choice” Sponsored by Spy Hop Productions
• Prize: Spy Hop Swag Bag.
• Criteria: Final video must meet all “contest criteria.” Judging emphasis will be focused on story quality, cinematography, editing, and music score. No copyrighted images or music may be used in final products.
• Selection: This winning video will be chosen by Spy Hop’s staff.
All winning videos will be hosted on the Winter at Westminster site for one year.
Contest Criteria
• Each video will be no more than 90 seconds in length (not including the introduction)
• All groups must upload their videos onto YouTube by March 28th by 11:00pm and burn 3 copies of their video onto DVD’s and deliver them to Liz Rogers.
• Theme: How do you Winter at Westminster? Here are some ideas to consider…
• Riding in the morning, and classes in the afternoon
• Classes in the morning, and ride until the lift closes
• In search of the perfect powder run
• Just want to ride and hang with friends
• All about powder, the park, hucking cliffs or just cruisin’
• Each video must show some footage of the Westminster College campus.
• No copyrighted images or music may be used in the final product.
• Videos cannot contain any material deemed by the judges to be lewd, obscene or illegal (such as foul language, nudity, underage or excessive drinking, out-of-bounds skiing or boarding). If any of the video content is considered inappropriate, this video will be eliminated from the contest upon the discretion of Westminster College.
Contest Resources
• Each video production team will be partnered with a video apprentice from Spy Hop Productions who will mentor them through the post-production process, including digital video editing and music integration. The Spy Hop mentor and editing studio will be available to contest participants nightly from 8 to 11pm Monday thru Friday, the week of March 24-28. Final film projects will be required to post to YouTube and burned to a final DVD by 11pm on Friday, March 28. All post production resources will be supplied by Spy Hop Productions. Participants need only to show up to the Spy Hop Studio with their mini-DV video footage.

Dates to Know
February 22: Launch of On-line Video Contest
March 24 –March 28: From 8 pm – 11 pm you have use of Spy Hop Productions facilities to edit your video.
March 28: All videos must be posted on YouTube by 11pm. Three copies of the videos must also be made and delivered to Liz Rogers.
April 18: On-line Video Contest Screening at 5 pm in the Gore School of Business Auditorium.