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Academic Major in Spanish-Latin American Studies 

        An interdisciplinary major in Spanish-Latin American Studies complements Westminster’s vision of preparing students for success in a challenging international world. It recognizes the reality that the United States is the second largest Spanish speaking country and that the Spanish language and culture have a legacy of enriching our local communities. After English, Spanish is the common language of the United States. 
        If you speak Spanish you will enrich your life experiences by being able to communicate with 500 million people worldwide. Imagine the professional and personal opportunities, whether you are seeking a job in the global economy, reading great literature, or appreciating foreign films. Spanish is the official language of 20 Latin American countries, Spain, some parts of Africa and the second most used language in global communication.
        Our course requirements aim to primarily study culture, literature, science, history, and social debates in a broad contextual grid in which they interconnect and find their ultimate meaning and application. Majors are typically double majors who bring insight and engaging discussions from other disciplines to their Spanish studies.


Program Goals: 

To recognize the philological nature of language

To comprehend the similarities and differences between Spanish and English

To recognize the lexical variations and regional dialects of the language

To learn specialized Spanish terminology as related to various disciplines

To develop an appreciation for Spanish literature, culture, and art

To demonstrate a capacity

To interpret and analyze literature, culture and art

To develop competencies in essential communication skills in Spanish

To critically evaluate cultural differences and interdependence in a global context

To promote social responsibility and ethical awareness

To develop a broader global consciousness through an appreciation of the multiculturalism and diversity of Spanish culture by analyzing and criticizing different texts and media

        Why Choose Westminster's Program? ¿Por qué elegir el programa de Westminster College? 

        Westminster's Language program offers academic and teaching minors in French and Spanish, plus one-year course sequences in Japanese, Latin and Chinese.

        What Else? ¿Más información?

 You'll have opportunities for study and travel abroad, as well as internships to apply your skills in a setting outside of the academic community. Our faculty members are fluent in their languages, up on the latest teaching methodologies, and well versed in the related cultures. Westminster's small class sizes provide ample opportunities for conversation, role-playing, interaction with faculty, and other important participation-based activities essential to developing linguistic and cultural skills.