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Study Abroad Requirement

 Study Abroad

Students will choose a Spanish speaking country or can also choose from one of our partnership schools in Latin America.  This can be a study abroad or internship opportunity, according to your interests.

Richard Leeflang

I spent a summer semester studying and working in Bucaramanga, Colombia, fulfilling requirements for my Spanish and Latin American studies major while gaining experience and knowledge for my second major, Nursing. In collaboration with the Universidad de Santander, I completed 336 hours of clinical time, working directly with professors, clinical instructors, and other student nurses, all within various adult and pediatric intensive care units. During this time, I also completed required Latin American literature and cultural studies under the supervision of Westminster professors. Beyond the work and studies, I had plenty of time to explore, travel, and experience Colombia's incredible culture from outside the scope of a mere tourist. Having just graduated with double majors in Spanish and Latin American Studies and Nursing, I am so much more appreciative of my education and the fact that I am much better rounded personally and professionally. The skills and knowledge I have gained at Westminster will be carried and treasured beyond my professional life, and into how I react to and interpret the world.

 Jeremy Reynoso

I studied abroad in Puebla, Mexico, at the Universidad Popular Autonoma de Puebla. My semester included attending class with Mexican students, reading Mexican literature, visiting pyramids, and volunteering as an English teacher in a public school, however, I did find time to relax on the beach and play in a soccer tournament. Thanks to the friends that I made in Mexico, I was able to travel extensively throughout the country, and a year later, I remain in contact with many of them. Overall, my experience is something I will never regret.