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Staff Council

Meet the Staff Council

The staff council was re-organized by Dr. Levin-Stankevich on October 2013. Staff Council collaborates with administration to further the College’s mission and goals while fostering an inclusive and transparent environment for an engaged and empowered staff community. The Council's key roles are:

  • Disseminate information from cabinet meetings to staff (grass roots)
  • Help facilitate inclusion
  • Get ad-hoc committees or task forces together
  • Advocacy on behalf of staff

Blake Smith- Chair

Blake comes to Westminster with a diverse education and work experience. Prior to working at Westminster, Blake was a bio-analytical chemist. He worked for various pharmaceutical companies and even owned his own laboratory. Blake has lived in Oklahoma, New Jersey, Colorado, Seattle, China, South Africa, Botswana, and LeSotho. In his words, "somehow I always end up back in Salt Lake."

Blake is married and has two amazing daughters. He also has a pet turtle named Miss Petunia. Blake enjoys full contact sports, soccer, video games, board games, but most of all likes to spend time with his incredible family.

Blake has been with Westminster College for 4 years and looks forward to many more.

Candice Greenwald- Vice Chair

Candice has been working at the college since September 2007. She is currently working as the Director of Budget and is located in Bamburger 105. Sydney Tervort, Westminster's Managing Director of Financial Affairs, states:

"Along with overseeing the budget, some of the duties Candice performs in her role as Director of Budget include working with grants, preparing the College’s Form 990 tax return, and working on the audit.  Among Candice’s most notable accomplishments in her first five years include the creation of a budget database that allows users to enter their budget requests electronically, as well as researching and implementing the new highly complex rules for the Form 990 tax return.  As if that wasn’t enough, Candice also recently completed her MAcc degree from the Gore School of Business, and has taught several semesters in the PBBA program."

Never shy, Candice is enthusiastic in her job and lights up the office with her bright personality. She is energetic and always willing to help when needed.  From covering the cashier’s window to shuttling groups of visitors around town in the college vans, Candice takes it all on with a smile.  

Ryan Lewis- Secretary

While attending Westminster College for his undergraduate degree, Ryan fell in love with college’s vibrant atmosphere and talented and caring people. It was these feelings that led him to began working full-time for the college in 1999, where he served as the computer lab manager. Today, he still holds to a “put people first” philosophy in his current duties as the network administrator. Ryan holds a BS in computer science and mathematics as well as an MBA. He enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, including photography, scuba diving and snorkeling, and sailing. 

Winter Morse- Communication Secretary

Winter has been at the college since 2003. She started as a student employee in General Computer Lab and now works as the Computer Support Manager. Winter feels extreme lucky to work in a position where she gets to interact with the most amazing staff, faculty, and students. She is extremely grateful to be a part of Westminster and hopes to continue growing through her experiences here! It has been noted that "Winter is the Grand Central Station of the information services office" (Collin Bunker). She would like the staff of Westminster to know that she is also the Grand Central Station for them, so please stop by and visit her at anytime. 

Joe Ferrari

I guess you can call me a “lifer.” I came to Westminster in the fall of 1992. I was a student and Resident Advisor, Campus Patrol Officer, Events Set-Up Coordinator and now am The Director of Campus Scheduling for Conference and Events Services.

I love my job, not only because I work with an amazing team in Events Services, but my job allows me the freedom to get to know many people on campus. Getting to know so many talented, caring, intelligent, and passionate people from the Westminster Community is truly one of the blessings in my life.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, golfing, swimming, making wine, and hiking around the Uinta and Wasatch Mountains looking for wild porcini mushrooms.

Karnell  Black

Karnell Black is currently the Director of Student Involvement, Leadership, and Orientation at Westminster College. In his current role; he provides leadership for Commencement, student activities, assessment, and First Year Student Orientation.   Although a native Texan, Karnell received his undergraduate degree in Communication and master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Loyola University Chicago. Prior to coming to Westminster College, he was responsible for overseeing Orientation and First Year Initiatives for three years at Loyola University Chicago. Karnell has a background in retention, programming, and implementation of strategic priorities. If at any point you need anything from Karnell, know that he believes in the open door philosophy so stop on in to see him.   His is located in the Dean of Students Office of the Shaw Student Center.

Nichole Howa Greenwood

For more than 15 years Nichole Greenwood has been a tremendous asset to many departments at Westminster College. She began her career as a student employee, was later hired full-time as the campus operator, senior administrative assistant, telecommunications coordinator, database analyst, faculty technology center manager, and is currently serving as the Assistant Provost of Institutional Research.  Some of her major accomplishments include researching, recommending and implementing a new telecommunications system as well as a new learning management system. She also served as the Staff representative on the hiring committee for our new Westminster College President. Nichole received her BA while representing Westminster College as a student athlete on the volleyball team, and later received her Master of Professional Communication with an emphasis in Multimedia Advertising. 

I would like to be elected to serve on Staff Council because I feel I could help make a difference here at Westminster. My work is thorough, exact, and I always put in the extra effort needed to make sure projects are successful. I learn new things easily and have the special ability to make any job I begin better. I am able to do this all while still being able to maintain a high level of passion, professionalism, and conviviality.

Amy Kelly

I have worked at Westminster College since August 2004, first as an adjunct in the English Department and as an instruction and outreach librarian at the Giovale Library since 2011. My academic interests include pedagogy, information literacy, and library assessment, among others. Currently, I serve on the Undergraduate Research Committee and the Innovative Learning Council, and I teach as one half of a learning community for international students during the spring semester. When I’m not at Westminster, you can find me playing tennis, reading (surprise!), walking my dogs, hiking or cooking for friends.

I am pleased to be nominated for the Staff Council! I am especially interested in the mission to foster “an inclusive and transparent environment for an engaged and empowered staff community” as well as to advocate on the behalf of staff and find opportunities for inclusion on campus. I am continually impressed by the staff of Westminster: we are an innovative and hard-working group that always shows pride in and dedication to our community. Staff Council is a fantastic step towards tapping into the knowledge and expertise of our staff, and I would like to make sure that our policies and programs benefit everyone on campus. It’s important that every staff member has a voice and the chance to engage in professional development to benefit students and the college.

Ben Knorr

Ben Knorr first came to Westminster College in 1997 as an undergraduate student. His first job was in the new computer lab in the basement of the Giovale Library as a workstudy. In 1999, he began working as a full time staff member of the college in Information Services. Over the years, he has worked as a computer hardware technician, and most recently as a network support specialist. Ben holds a BS in Economics from Westminster and hasn’t decided against returning for further study. Above all else, Ben loves to help others and is excited about his chance to represent his fellow staff members on the Staff Council. He enjoys talking to anyone about Westminster, and loves to show off his school spirit (and hobby) via his Westminster license plate (BREWR).

Ben enjoys the outdoors including fishing, hiking, marathon-ing, as well as some odd hobbies including county highpointing. He has a passion for beer and with homebrewing in general. He is currently working to obtain a BJCP beer judge certification in his spare time.