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7 - How Do I Know What To Take Next

How Do I Know What To Take Next?
2nd advising appointment for Spring semester registration

  • Develop a list of potential next semester courses 

  • Prepare to meet with your advisor to discuss your list of courses and make selections  

Schedule an Appointment

Call the START Center at 801-832-2280 now to make an advising appointment so you will be ready to register.

Read "What to Expect in an Advising Appointment" and "Ways to Prepare for your Advising Appointment"


Prepare for your Advising Appointment

Complete the worksheet that follows and make a list of courses that you want and need to take. You and your advisor will work with your list to plan courses that will help you meet your Liberal Education and major requirements.  Continue to explore if you are unsure of your major.

The class schedule is available:

WebAdvisor or Registrar


The academic catalog available through the Registrar site lists Liberal Education course requirements.


Develop your List of Courses

1. Liberal Education Courses
List up to 6 courses that are of interest to you from the Liberal Education Requirements.

____________     ____________     ____________

____________     ____________     ____________

2. Courses to test your interests and abilities:
List the majors you are currently considering below. Read about these majors in your Academic Catalog and list exploratory courses.

Major ____________________
     Exploratory courses ____________    ____________

Major ____________________
     Exploratory courses ____________    ____________

Major ____________________
     Exploratory courses ____________    ____________

3. Courses of interest:
List some other courses that you would want to take because you have heard they are wonderful, are taught by terrific instructors, or are of great interest to you.

______________     ______________     ______________

______________     ______________     ______________

Register for Next Semester

You and your advisor will prepare a registration form listing the courses on which you have decided. Keep a copy of this form for registration.

  • WebAdvisor
  • Registrar's Office, Bamberger Hall - bring your completed registration form
  • START Center, Carleson Hall - bring your completed registration form

All are open at 7:30am on registration days. Our best advice is to be logged in to WebAdvisor or be in line at either office prior to 7:15am.

*Bring this guide with you to your advising appointment.
We hope to see you soon!