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1 - Exploring Your Interests

Explore Your Interests


  • Identify areas of interest
  • Categorize your interests
  • Identify appropriate courses based on your interests
  • Prepare to meet with a START Center peer advisor to select courses

Identifying Areas of Interest

In the space below, list all areas of study that you are interested in exploring. Here are a few questions to help you get started:

  • What were my favorite classes in high school? My least favorite?
  • What do I enjoy doing with my free time?
  • I have often visualized myself in __________________________ career/job.
  • My dream job would be _________________________________.
  • If I could study any area I wanted to, it would be ______________________.
  • I want to find out more about _____________________________.
  • My list of potential interest areas:






Categorize Your Interests

Now, categorize the interests you listed on the opposite side by checking the most appropriate statement below. Look at the Academic Catalog onlinethrough the 'Current Students' link for additional information on program areas.

_______ Category 1 Business

I want to learn more about the world of national and international business. I want to explore careers in accounting, aviation, economics, finance, financial services, international business, management or marketing.I have good skills in math, writing, reading and critical thinking.


_______ Category 2 Arts & Sciences

A. Humanities
I am interested in exploring these areas of liberal arts and want to learn more about art, anthropology, communications, English, gender studies, history, languages, music, philosophy, religion, political studies, pre-law, psychology, sociology or theatre. I have good skills in reading, writing and critical thinking.

B. Sciences
I am interested in programs that are math and/or science intensive. I want to explore biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental studies, mathematics, physics, or pre-med/pre-dental programs. I have good skills in math, science, and experience with practical application of knowledge and science reasoning.


_______ Category 3 Nursing

I want to prepare for licensure as a registered nurse. I enjoy classes that are math and science intensive, and I have good skills in these areas. I am also a good communicator and enjoy working with people.


_______ Category 4 Education

I want to pursue licensure as a teacher in special education, early childhood education, elementary school or junior/senior high school. I also have interests in areas listed above that will help me choose my teaching major or minor. I have good reading, writing and problem solving skills, am a good communicator, and enjoy working with children or teenagers.


_______ Category 5 Undeclared

I am not sure that I feel ready to make a program choice and will leave my options open. I want to use my freshman year to explore as many areas as possible. I have skills in many areas listed above and am not sure what I would like to focus on.