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8 - Personal Academic Evaluation

Personal Academic Evaluation

Did you make the grades you wanted to this semester? Or did you end up not doing as well as you had hoped? Review these issues:

  1. Did you manage to schedule your study and recreation time effectively?
  2. Are your study skills adequate or could you use some help?
  3. What kinds of assignments gave you the most trouble?
  4. What kinds of tests gave you the most trouble?
  5. What was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you handle it?
  6. How often did you find yourself "cramming" for a test?
  7. How often did you stay up all night finishing papers?
  8. Did you keep track of your grades during the semester or was your final grade a surprise?
  9. How have your courses, campus experiences, grades, and activities last semester helped you explore different majors?
  10. Do you have the same academic interests or have your interests changed?
  11. Are you satisfied with your next class schedule? Will these courses interest you, provide a challenge, be easy, difficult, or provide some self exploration?

If you need some assistance with any of these issues, know you are facing challenging courses, or want to improve your academic future, advisors in the START Center can discuss resources that will help you. Give us a call at 801-832-2280 or drop by our office in Carleson Hall.

Academic Probation

If you ended up with a GPA lower than 1.7 (if you have accumulated 1-13 credit hours) or 1.8 (if you have accumulated 14-27 hours) you have been placed on Academic Probation by the Registrar's office. You will receive a letter explaining that you are on probation and encouraging you to meet with your probation advisor as soon as possible. Call the START Center (801-832-2280) to find out who your advisor is.

Academic Probation is temporary. Your Fall semester grades need to be high enough (achieve a 1.8 or 2.00 GPA, depending upon how many credit hours you have accumulated) to be returned to good academic standing. If your grades fall below this level, you will be suspended from Westminster in December. There is an appeal process for immediate re-admittance to the college - your probation advisor can give you more information.

See your probation advisor as soon as possible - we will help you rearrange your class schedule so you are registering for courses that will help you be successful.