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Athletic Accomplishments

Athletic Accomplishments

  Heather McPhie placed second in the Visa Freestyle International at Deer Valley Resort on Jan. 31, 2013. Eliza Outtrim took third in the freestyle competition.
  Maddie Bowman won gold in the women’s ski superpipe final during the 2013 XGames in Aspen, CO with a high score of 91.33. Brita Sigourney took 5th place with a score of 82.66.
  Dylan Ferguson took his career first podium at Deer Valley Resort during the 2012 Visa Freestyle International FIS World Cup. Ferguson placed second in aerials in front of a home crowd. Ferguson’s jump package included a full double full-full (three flips, four twists) in round one, a double full full-full (three flips, four twists) in round two and a full full full (three flips, three twists) in the Super Final. (Photo: USSA - Jen Desmond)
  Heather McPhie finished second in the Putnam Investments Moguls Competition at the 2012 Visa Freestyle International FIS World Cup. McPhie’s impressive jumps on the mogul course wowed the huge crowd at Deer Valley Resort. McPhie is a Westminster student under the Westminster/USSA tuition grant program. She was one of three women on the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team to finish in the top four at the World Cup. (Photo credit Sarah Brunson)