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New Hire Paperwork

New Hire Paperwork

New Student Employees

Once you have been offered the position by the hiring supervisor, you will need to stop by the Human Resource Office on or before your first day of work.  An I-9, W-4 and Direct Deposit will need to be completed.

To Complete the I-9 Form

You will need to bring the required Identification. Photocopies will not be accepted. For a complete list of acceptable documents click here

 The most common ID(s) used are:  

1. Valid Passport

2. Valid Driver's License and Social Security Card


3. Valid Driver's License and Birth Certificate


To Complete the Direct Deposit Form

Please bring a Voided Check or your Routing Number and Account Number.


Returning/Rehired Student Employees

If you have held a student employee position in the past, please stop by the Human Resources Office to make sure that all the above documentation is current and accurate. If you wish to update your W4 Form or Direct Deposit information, you can do so at the time of rehire.