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Chase-Adam Fox

Chase-Adam FoxName: Chase-Adam Fox
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Holladay, Utah
Clubs & Organizations: Pierced, Cycling Club, Ski & Snowboard Club

Westminster had all the qualities Chase-Adam Fox wanted in a college—close to home, small class sizes and prestige. “I’ve always heard great things about Westminster,” he says. In a class that rarely exceeds 20 students, Chase doesn’t feel like just a number in the classroom. “Professors I had from two years ago are still calling me by my first name,” he says.

For Chase, a Salt Lake native, Westminster is a quick commute from home. Though campus is close, it has an out-of-state feel. Students come from all over—37 states and 25 countries to be exact.

In Westminster’s discussion-based courses, meeting people isn’t difficult. You eventually “get to know everybody in the classroom.” Courses, such as the learning communities, encourage student engagement. Learning communities are two classes taken within a semester that tie into a central theme. The idea behind the course is to “build a sense of community, especially for freshmen.” In discussion-based courses, students don’t have the option to “sit there and just fly by.”

It is Westminster’s focus on student engagement that led Chase toward his career path: to become a substance abuse therapist. In his Exploring Addictions course Chase was asked to attend AA meetings, and read articles and books related to alcoholism. The course made him “fall in love with it [the subject].” He began realizing the problem with alcoholism in Utah and nationwide. “I want to help people out,” he says. Chase, senior, is finishing up his psychology degree. He hopes to stay at Westminster for a graduate degree in personal counseling, and then pursue a PhD to practice substance abuse therapy. 

In addition to being a full-time student, Chase works on campus and participates in several clubs and organizations. He has been a student representative for the Admissions office since his freshman year, is a member of Pierced, Ski & Snowboard Club, and the Cycling Club. Balancing school and work isn’t an easy task, but Chase manages to. The benefit to an on-campus job is flexibility. “They’ll work around finals week and exams,” he says.

Attending Westminster has made positive impacts on Chase. He has made genuine friends, has a chance to further his career and has professors who know his name. “I’m an individual here,” he says.

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