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Christine Garcia

Christine GarciaName: Christine Garcia
Major: Mathematics  Minor: Chemistry
Internships: Liberty Mutual, Pfizer Inc.
Clubs: Spanish Club, LDSSA

Before taking a campus tour, Christine Garcia hadn’t considered Westminster as an option—she actually never heard of the college. But after seeing what the college had to offer, she didn’t want to consider other options. “I loved the atmosphere and how much they paid attention to me,” she says.

Westminster stood out from the universities she was considering. On a smaller campus, she wasn’t worried about getting lost and the courses better suited her learning style. “I like to get to know my professors and my classmates,” she says. In discussion-based courses, she has the opportunity to get to know those around her, as well as work and learn together.

Christine’s course and professors have always guided her toward a successful path. Her freshman learning communities course was most rewarding. It focused on topics about thinking on your own, types of intelligences and how to get along with different personalities. Several professors taught the course. However, it was education professor Tim Carr who provided Christine with the most guidance.

Tim introduced her to INROADS, an international organization preparing minority youth for professional careers in business and industry. Through the program, Christine was able to secure an internship with Liberty Mutual insurance. While she learned a great deal last summer, she has recently transitioned to a company focused on her field of study, pharmacy. As a sales representative for Pfizer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals, Christine visits clinics, pharmacies and doctors to educate them on Chantix, a Pfizer product.

Christine feels fortunate to have gotten the internship. She went through several interviews before an offer was made. “It was a tough process,” she says. To prepare for the position, Christine was flown to New York to train and learn about business life and selling. Another reason she chose pharmaceutical is her interest in professional selling. “I’ve never done this, so that’s why it caught my eye,” she says.

Christine has been busy since attending Westminster—courses, interning, and participating in clubs and organizations. After living on-campus as a Resident Advisor during the ‘07-‘08 school year, Christine plans to live off-campus for the next year. While she considers being an RA one of her favorite memories, the job took a lot of her time.

Although participating in campus activities was more convenient as a resident, Christine doesn’t plan on letting the commute prevent her from remaining active. Westminster has done a “good job” in including commuters. Events are generally scheduled at convenient times for a most of the student body. This year, she plans to participate in the Spanish Club and LDSSA.

Christine will begin her junior year this fall. She is a mathematics major and chemistry minor. While a math degree doesn’t seem to correspond with a career in pharmacy, Christine feels it will be beneficial. “It [math] teaches people to think logically and problem solve,” she says. “Skills you’ll need with anything.”

Attending Westminster has been one of the best decisions Christine has made. The experiences she has received through courses, internships and extracurricular activities have better prepared her for a future career. 

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