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dennis garrett

Dennis GarrettName: Dennis Garrett
Major: Finance
Alumnus ‘10
Hometown: Sandy, Utah
Clubs & Organizations: Resident Advisor, Finance Club
Internships: Smith Barney, AAA Fair Credit Foundation, Goldman Sachs
Personal Site: You Tube 

Dennis Garrett is famed on campus for his vocal ability. As Westminster College’s four-time reigning champion of the campus talent show, he is nicknamed the Beatbox Man. His achievements and abilities extend beyond vocals though. Dennis, a recent graduate, has managed to excel in all aspects of his life. His resume includes three internships, campus and community involvement, and entrepreneurial experience. 

Originally, Dennis wanted to “move out of state [Utah] and develop himself.” After touring the universities he was accepted into, he decided Westminster was the best choice. A small campus offers him a more personalized experience. He also gets the attention he deserves in and out of class.

In discussion-based courses, Dennis can develop a personal relationship with his professors. It was through the guidance of his personal finance professor that inspired him to pursue a career in finance.

“I now love finance and understand about money and how it plays an extremely important role in my life,” he says. “I have realized how important it is to take control of your own life, and it starts with where you place each dollar you earn.”

In order to gain finance-related experience, Dennis has seeked out various opportunities for involvement. He worked at a local Chase branch, and interned at Smith Barney, AAA Fair Credit Foundation and Goldman Sachs—who he secured a full-time position with since graduating.

While attending Westminster, Dennis was secretary of the Finance Club and also developed a community service program sharing financial tips. He taught students, specifically freshman, about staying out of credit card trouble. “Going into college I kind of had an idea, but now I understand how even wealthy people get into debt,” he says.

College life has been busy, but Dennis continues to practice his beatboxing, a passion he has had for many years. Through beatboxing, Dennis has made many campus and local connections. He was featured in a story by the local news and received an invitation to demonstrate in a music fundamentals class on rhythm. “It was kind of spontaneous. I started with the basics and [showed] how I turn it into my own art form,” he says.

Westminster has definitely been the right decision for Dennis. “I love the class sizes, the beautiful environment,” he says. “[The fact] you can get anywhere you want in five minutes, plus—it’s a private school. They're all good things.”

Dennis advises potential students to live their college lives to the fullest, feel their surroundings and explore classes. “College is about self-development and getting to know more of who you are, especially with the transition of life under the rule of parents to inexperienced full responsibility.”

Being in college has helped Dennis become more independent and grow as a person. He has a better idea of who he wants to be and the beliefs he holds himself to. “I think that's the biggest positive change I've experienced in college.” Apply Now to Westminster