48 Westminster students named to the 2015 U.S. Ski, Snowboard, and Freeskiing teams.

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Pay for Print Information

Using Pay for Print

After you submit a print job, there is an additional pop up box that confirms the job, and has a "cost" listing. There is an amount shown, and each time you print, there will be a deduction from this amount.If you would like more information about the printing process, please view the Quick Tip here.

If you use up the initial print credit amount, you will need to purchase more credits, either online or at the library circulation desk. If you have questions, please contact the Support Team or call 801.832.2023.

Cost Information

Purchase Credit

Each semester, your print credit amount will be increased to $25.00. This $25.00 does not roll over. If you go below this amount in a semester, you will need to purchase more credit. Any amount of money you put on your account is not refundable, but it will rollover to future semesters. If you have money that you put on your account at the beginning of a new semester, your prints will deduct first from the initial $25.00 credit, and will only decrease your paid balance if you go above this $25.00.  

Each page printed will cost $0.05. As an incentive to save paper, if you print double-sided, each side will only cost $0.03. Various groups on campus may receive automatic credit per semester. This additional information may be found below:


You will receive $25.00 (500 single-sided or 833 double-sided pages) per semester. If you would like to print more than this per semester, you will need to pay for additional print credit.

Faculty, Staff, & Adjuncts

You will not be charged for printing; however, printing will be tracked. To be mindful of printing, you will still need to select "Print" on the extra pop up window after submitting a print job.


After graduation, alumni will recieve $10.00 (200 single-sided or 333 double-sided pages). After using this amount, alumni will need to purchase additional print credit.

Camp Attendees & Conference Guests

Prints must be requested for the camp- or conference-specific accounts. To request print credit for your camp or conference accounts, please contact Jeff Brown (801.832.2900).

Community Members

Community members will be charged for any pages printed. The help desk staff will release the print job after the community member has paid for his or her pages.

Affiliates & Board Members

You will not be charged for printing; however, printing will be tracked. You will still need to select "Print" on the extra pop up window after submitting a print job.

Additional Cost Information

Print credits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. You may pay for additional printing credit at the library circulation desk or online through PaperCut. If you would like to check your balance, click here. Please contact Computer Support if you have any questions: 801.832.2023.

Mindful Printing

Before printing, ask yourself:

  • Do I need this on paper?
  • Can I save it electronically?
  • Can it be duplexed (two-sided)?
  • Am I willing to pay for it?

During the testing period, Westminster students printed about 37% less than they did before this system was implemented. We are hoping to continue this trend in our persuit of environmental consciousness.