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Wireless Network at Westminster College
Westminster offers four ways users can connect to the Westminster College wireless network:

Changing Your Password

You must have a College username and password to access our wireless networks. If you need to change or you have forgotten your password please visit 


This network is open with no encryption. This is the quickest way to connect, but you will have to login (using your Westminster Username and Password) each time you connect to the network.


This is an encrypted wireless network that allows the user to configure their computer to automatically authenticate to the network each time they connect. It uses WPA Enterprise encryption.  To download a tool to automatically configure your device please click the appropriate link below:

Click on your operating system to receive instructions on how to connect to WestNetSecured: 


Many consumer devices don't have the ability to use WPA Enterprise encryption. Examples of these types of devices are videogame consoles and networked digital media players. RecNet is a WPA PSK (pre-shared key) that will allow these types of devices to connect. Below are the instructions on how to connect to the RecNet network:

  1. Login in to WebAdvisor 
  2. Click "Current Students" 
  3. Under the User Account heading select "RecNet Device Registry" 
  4. Complete the form to register your device (MAC address is needed) 
  5. The password to the network will come in your Westminster Email


Eduroam (education roaming) is a secured wireless network that allows students, staff, faculty, and alumni of an institution to use their home institution’s wireless credentials to automatically access wireless networks at other participating institutions without needing a guest account. eduroam is offered in over 40 countries worldwide, and is only in early stages of development in the United States. This documentation describes the services and connection methods as they are intended to perform. However, in practice you may encounter occasional difficulties at this or other locations until this new service becomes more established. We anticipate the standardization of the service will improve in the U.S. over time.

If you are visiting from another eduroam participating institution, use your home institution’s log on credentials (if your device did not already connect). If you need help or support, you will need to contact your home institution to obtain setup instructions for your particular institution.

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