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Classical Greek Theatre Festival

The Classical Greek Theatre Festival 2014


The 43nd Annual Classical Greek Theatre Festival: Euripedes' HECUBA

In September of 2014 The Classical Greek Theater Festival of Westminster
College will mount and tour a production of Euripides’ dark tragedy HECUBA, a play
rarely read and seldom performed in recent years.

“A play that leaves an unpleasant taste, HECUBA is the product of the war, when
values and ethics were in question. Some find the plot clumsy with two episodes each
dealing with the death of a child of Hecuba, but it is held together by a dominant theme
of peitho (persuasion). We witness Hecuba taking part in three debates, the first for the
life of her daughter, the second with Agamemnon over revenge, and the third with
Polymestor over the revenge she has taken. Greeks are set against foreigners
(Trojans), and their modern pragmatic ethics, by which loyalty and self-interest are used
to justify the murder of Polyxena and the lack of action against Polymestor. On the
personal level we see a study of a tortured woman who eventually succumbs to
vengeance and is little short of the madness predicted by Polymestor at the end of the
play.” C. Storey and A. Allen

Next fall Barbara Smith, a professor of Theater at Westminster College, will direct
a production of Euripides’ HECUBA featuring a recent American translation by Marianne
McDonald. Spencer Brown of Westminster College will create the set design with
costumes by Valerie Nishiguchi, original music by Brandon Derfler and choreography by
Enid Atkinson.

The production will open at Westminster College on September 5-6 at
7:30pm, then tour the state of Utah with venues in Springdale at the O.C. Tanner
Amphitheater on Sept. 13th, in Provo at BYU’s de Jong Concert Hall on Sept. 22nd, in
Ogden at WSU on Sept. 17th, and return to Salt Lake City for its residency at Red Butte
Garden Sept. 20-21 and 27-28 with performances beginning at 9:00am. An orientation
lecture by the dramaturge will precede every show thirty minutes before each


For more information contact:
James Svendsen
(801) 581-4607
The Theatre Department

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For more information:
James Svendsen
(801) 581-9706


The Westminster Department of Theatre


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