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Background Check & Fingerprinting

Background Check & Fingerprinting through the Utah State Office of Education

Utah Law (53A-1a-512.5) requires that each applicant for a Utah Educator License satisfactorily complete a background check. To complete the background check, an applicant must submit fingerprints for review by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Local and Federal Background Check

Go to the website: Educator Licensing Online

  • Choose: Background Check > Start Your Background Check > Privacy Policy > Licensing Procedure.  Choose: Initial License.
  • Provide the requested user authentication information and complete the online questions.
  • After completion of the Background questions, you will be prompted to print your receipt.  Print three copies: one copy is required for fingerprinting; one needs to be turned in for your application folder.  Always keep a copy for yourself.

The online background check requires a fee of $40.00 and is payable only by major credit card.



You will need to do a live fingerprint scan. A current list of Livescan sites, hours and other specific requirements* is available at: Livescan.

  • Take a copy of your Background Check receipt to the Livescan fingerprinting office of your choice.
  • Request a receipt (Required for UG application process)
  • Request a copy of the results be forwarded to Westminster College, School of Education.

The fingerprinting scan requires a fee of $20.00*. *Cash Only.  You have 60 days from the date of your background check to complete your fingerprinting.

 Further information can be found at the Utah State Office of Education.