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Graduate Spotlight: Helen Langan

Graduate Spotlight: Helen Langan


Helen LanganHelen Langan's path to getting her MPC at Westminster was, to say the least, a tad unusual. After earning her bachelor's degree at Westminster in 1998, she landed a job in the press office at the Clinton White House in Washington, a period she now terms, "the time of my life." She then served as a press secretary for Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders, before returning to Utah to work on some congressional campaigns, true to her "politics is in my blood" nature.

Helen's political savvy came in handy at her next post, working on strategic planning back in the president's office of her alma mater: Westminster College. She then decided to pursue a master's degree because, she explains, "I wanted to gain some theoretical knowledge to support the practical experience that I had. I also wanted to learn more about different aspects of the communications field.

Westminster's unique Master Track program stands out as one of the highlights of Helen's program. "We'd meet on Saturdays for what was basically a professional development course. Although it was non-credit, it was definitely value-added!"

Helen currently works as Senior Advisor to Salt Lake City's Mayor Ralph Becker.

It's safe to say that this wunderkind will continue to shine, wherever her future path leads.