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graduate spotlight: darin parker

Graduate Spotlight: Darin Parker


Darin Parker

Darin Parker is the kind of guy who jumps into life with both feet. A 1999 graduate of Weber State University, he worked full-time as an account manager for Verizon Wireless while fulfilling his MBA requirements and, in his "spare" time, is the father of five kids. About his breakneck schedule, he jokes, "You might as well pull the band-aid off fast!"


Despite his hectic pace, Darin has had time to reflect on the benefits of pursuing an MBA at Westminster. "There's the flexibility inherent in being able to take courses during evenings and weekends. The professors bring real-life experiences to the classroom; they know who you are, and they'll always go the extra mile. The students are a good diverse group -- accountants, engineers, even former Latin American Studies majors. I've formed some relationships with my peers that will last a lifetime."


When asked to reflect upon what he's learned at Westminster, Darin has a ready answer. "In life and in business, people tend to avoid doing what's not fun. I've learned to deal with issues that others would prefer not to address. By so doing, I've become a 'go-to' guy."


This "go-to" reflects that, "Twenty years from now I'll look back at Westminster with a real sense of pride."