The Leadership Certificate program is built for companies and executive cohorts and features a total of ten, two-day-long courses focused on essential leadership skills. Each session goes through a three-stage process: pre-work, practice in real-world activities, and application in the workplace. Throughout each stage, a faculty coach is assigned to work with each participant and is available to consult with participants individually.

Each two-day course is devoted to a specific leadership concept and follow-on projects are coached by a Westminster faculty expert. The program is designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. Limited classroom time means less distraction from work activities. Real-world projects translate into immediate return on investment for your company.

Sessions start at $700.00 per person for each two-day session. Discounts are applicable for Westminster students and executive cohorts of 20 or more.

Completion of Certificate Program makes participants eligible for either

  • Prior learning assessment credits toward an Undergraduate Project-Based Bachelor of Business Degree program (up to 10 credits)
  • Admission to the Accelerated Project-Based Masters of Business Degree Program at Westminster College (completed in four full-time semesters as opposed to the five semesters it usually takes in the Project-Based Masters of Business Degree program)

Program Overview

Businesses want to help their top talent become culture defining leaders who motivate people to work together for the greater good of the entire firm. Westminster has created a Leadership Certificate Program (LCP) to help companies develop their high potential employees. This helps employers develop and recognize true leaders within their companies. Many companies have a vested interest that their employees are groomed for future leadership roles, as a result.

Cross-Functional Team Development

Our leadership program develops not only individual styles of leadership, but also team leadership skills.
Each employee gains deep knowledge about the company, its mission, clients and market, internal
processes, the competition, and how they can creatively contribute to the company's success. Our followon
projects require employees to perform as a high function team.

Create a Buzz in Your Company

Motivate your employees and energize your culture. Your employees gain the abilities that are needed for
leading in today's dynamic and global business environment. They begin to learn and practice skills that
accelerate the process of transforming managers.

Retain Talent

Retain talent by challenging employees and grooming them for leadership positions. This program
specifically helps each employee understand the skills required to be a professional relationship manager.
Your employees will demonstrate competencies and skills that can be applied immediately, internally and
externally to become a true leader with the company.

Who Should Attend

This program is ideal for individuals who are high potential employees, as well as mid-level talent being groomed and developed for succession planning.

We have been helping people learn and develop new skills for over 125 years. We know that people learn more, understand ideas more completely, and more fully realize their potential if they are active participants in a process that is relevant to their needs and interests. And that is why our Leadership Certificate Program is adaptable for your business and built around full-time faculty coaches, not lecturers.

How it Works

The program is built around 10 sessions focused on essential leadership skills. Each session goes through a three-stage process: theory, practice in work-world activities, and application in the workplace. Throughout each stage, a faculty coach is assigned to work with each participant and team, and is available to consult with participants in real-time.

Course Overview

Any topic or session can be tailored to specifically meet your corporate education needs. Each session will include expert coaching and follow-on projects designed to ensure mastery of the leadership topic.

  • Course 1: You as a Leader
  • Course 2: Communicate the Vision
  • Course 3: Lead and Inspire
  • Course 4: Inspire, Negotiate and Coach
  • Course 5: Lead Teams and Projects
  • Course 6: Evaluate the Market
  • Course 7: Create Strategy
  • Course 8: Change and Innovate
  • Course 9: Lead Evaluate Performance
  • Course 10: Lead Process Improvement

What Business Leaders Are Saying About Westminster's LCP

The Mastering Leadership Certificate program afforded me and my peers the opportunity to work with faculty on real world scenarios. The program also opened up meaningful and productive dialogue within the cohort that translated into projects that delivered real value to the company. The Administrative and Faculty teams were responsive to feedback and truly partnered with us to make the program even more effective.
John B., Director at Discover Financial Services
One key part of the training for our team was the group setting and support we all felt. The environment was open to questions and different approaches to learning. The team was able to share common challenges they faced, and together, we brainstormed solutions. From this brainstorming, we have closed several deals and look forward to closing many more in the future.
Don Youngberg, AVP Business Services, Mountain America Credit Union
I have been impressed by the outcomes of the Mastering Leadership Certificate program. Our associates are learning and honing the skills they need for our executive roles. Prior to each session, we meet with the faculty coach to ensure the content and project are customized to Arnold Machinery. Then the interactive classroom learning is applied as our associates work on projects. As an added benefit, associates are building relationships and learning how to work more effectively in teams.
Kayden Bell, CFO, Arnold Machinery Company

Contact Information

Carlos Linares
Business Development/Recruiter
Center for Innovative Learning