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Garret and Laurel in 2001 at graduation

Garret and Laurel in 2001 

Garrett and Laurel

Garrett and Laurel today

by Heather Stringfellow

Garrett Jones (’01) and Laurel Miller-Jones (’01) met at Westminster 22 years ago and have been together ever since. Garrett graduated with a degree in business and a minor in sociology. He currently works for US Magnesium selling commodity chemicals and metals. Laurel earned a degree in sociology and began her career working in the juvenile court system, but has since settled in as a screener at the Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank—a nonprofit that pasteurizes donated breastmilk for babies in need.

Garrett followed in his father’s footsteps (who is also an alum) by attending Westminster, and Garrett and Laurel’s 12-year-old daughter is already talking about continuing the legacy as a third-generation Westminster graduate.  

How did the two of you meet? 

Laurel: “We met at freshman orientation on what was then Tanner Plaza. Back in the late ’90s there was an orientation for incoming freshman the week prior to the start of school. One of the first ‘get to know you’ games was an activity where you danced back-to-back in pairs. The facilitator announced that we should each find a partner, and when everyone else paired up quickly, we searched for someone to dance with. It sounds cheesy, but our eyes met across the Plaza and we introduced ourselves, danced, and laughed at the whole ordeal.”

Did you have a favorite spot to meet up on campus? 

Garrett: “We originally did not have any classes together—note my additional minor—but knew that between classes we could often find each other, and our friends, at a spot near the pool table in Shaw. It wasn’t until December of our first year that we began dating, and the rest is history. We dated all throughout college and got married a year after graduating.” 

Did your time at Westminster play a role in the development of your relationship? How has Westminster continued to play a role?

Laurel: “From the beginning we felt very connected to Westminster, our friends, and each other. We went to college events together, were student ambassadors together, and had some classes together during our years in college.

“Our learning, lessons, and experiences while at Westminster have served us well and helped guide us into the people we are today. I continue to be involved in Westminster, through serving on the Woman’s Board and reunion committee, as well as being a mentor for the Alumni Mentoring Program.”  

Garrett:  “I guest-lecture in Gore, and we attend Westminster events throughout the year as a couple as well.”



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