Phonathon Student Callers

Phonathon Callers

The Phonathon program at Westminster consists of five current student callers. Students call during the fall and spring semesters to reach out to alumni, parents, and friends of the College.

These students serve a vital role at the college.  "We work to keep connections between alumni and the college active," said one caller. "Our work is important because we help increase the Alumni Participation Rate (APR), which in turn increases our rankings."

One third of all donors to the Westminster Fund last year came as a result of these students efforts. Thank you to all of you who pick up the phone and talk to one of our friendly phonathon callers!

The goals of the Westminster College Student Callers are:

  • To share news and invite alumni, parents, and friends to events
  • Help keep the College's records up to date
  • Raise money for The Westminster Fund: the unrestricted fund on campus that supports the critical needs of the College
  • Engage and help build lasting relationships with members of the Westminster College Community

  • Sarah

    Sarah ‘18

    Major: Public Health/ Neuroscience
    Expected graduation year: 2018
    Hometown: Moab
    Interests/Hobbies: SLEEPING, hiking, binge watching Netflix, reading, basking in the sun
    Favorite Campus Spot and why: Down by the creek- it's peaceful.
    Goals after Graduation: Graduate School at Westminster College for a Masters in Public Health
    Fun Fact about you: I have torn my ACL 5 times

    What is your favorite thing about the Phonathon?
    The people I work with are amazing. It's fun calling people and getting the opportunity to hear their personal stories about when they were in college.
  • Ryan

    Ryan ‘19

    Major: Marketing
    Expected Graduation Year: May 2019
    Hometown: Reading, PA
    Interests/Hobbies: Skiing, Mountain Biking, Guitar
    Favorite Campus Spot and Why: Bassis, it's a great place to study.
    Goals after Graduation: Becoming an US Air Force Pilot
    Fun Fact About Me: I grew up in the same town as Taylor Swift. 

    What is your favorite thing about Phonathon?
    My favorite thing is getting to talk to alumni with really cool jobs.

  • Ame

    Ame ‘21

    Major: Nursing
    Expected graduation year: 2021
    Hometown: Cedar City, UT
    Interests/Hobbies: Acting, singing, dancing, directing, anything outdoors, hanging out with friends, and being with my family.
    Favorite Campus Spot and why: The 2nd floor of the Library. It is high enough that it has a beautiful view and Its peaceful.
    Goals after Graduation: To start working as a nurse for two years then go into a masters school to get my Practitioners license.
    Fun Fact about you: I am an actress! I love being in musicals!

    What is your favorite thing about the Phonathon?
    Being able to hear different peoples stories and experiences at Westminster. I also love my co-workers!

  • Devinn

    Devinn ‘18

    Major:  Nursing
    Expected graduation year: 2018
    Hometown: Vernal, Utah
    Interests/Hobbies: Cooking, Reading, and Sewing
    Favorite Campus Spot and why: The School of Nursing Simulation Lab because it is such a fantastic place to practice and perfect my skills. It's also just really cool in there!
    Goals after Graduation: Work as a Maternal-Fetal Nurse before continuing on to pursue a degree in midwifery.
    Fun Fact about you: I have snorkeled with 15 ft wide manta rays 

    What is your favorite thing about the Phonathon?
    I love having the opportunity to speak with our fantastic alumni, they are such a great source of encouragement. 

  • Rosemary

    Rosemary ‘21

    Major: undeclared, but probably political science!
    Expected graduation year: 2021
    Hometown: Portland, Oregon
    Interests/Hobbies: Trail running, backpacking, constitutional law
    Favorite Campus Spot and why: My favorite spot on campus is my bed after I get back from a long run! I love Salt Lake City's trees and mountains, which I can see from my window while relaxing with my friends.
    Goals after Graduation: After College I'll have some dogs, and live close to some great running trails. I'd like to be involved in political advocacy of some sort, in addition to having a job I love!
    Fun Fact about you: I used to have a pet tarantula named Quinoa

    What is your favorite thing about the Phonathon?
    Drawing little pictures on thank you cards for alumni who donate!