Governor Huntsman Announces Great Salt Lake Advisory Council

August 26, 2008

Dr. Bonnie Baxter, director of the Great Salt Lake Institute, selected to serve on new council

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman traveled to Antelope Island State Park this morning and signed an executive order creating the Great Salt Lake Advisory Council. Dr. Bonnie Baxter, director of the Great Salt Lake Institute and associate professor of biology at Westminster, was one of 12 people selected to serve on the governor's new council.

The Great Salt Lake Advisory Council will be charged by Governor Huntsman with conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the entire Great Salt Lake, specifically looking at the long-term viability of the Lake and its entire ecosystem.

"We have an amazing resource in the Great Salt Lake that offers a very diverse set of opportunities for our citizens," Governor Huntsman said. "This Great Salt Lake Council is a unique collection of people who now need to chart a course for how to best utilize all the features of the lake."

Governor Huntsman has appointed individuals representing the different areas of the lake to begin this process. He asked the group to submit an initial recommendation by the end of this year.

"I am thrilled at the diverse representatives pulled together from the lake community," said Baxter. "The mission of this council mirrors that of the Great Salt Lake Institute in that voices from industry, education, non-profit and research are all represented."

Great Salt Lake Advisory Council members:

State Senator Dan Eastman Representative Ben Ferry Neka Roundy, Kaysville Mayor, Davis County Economic Development Colleen Johnson, Tooele County Commissioner Bill Fenimore, Wild Bird Center, and Dr. Bonnie Baxter.

Westminster College

Corey Milne, Great Salt Lake Minerals Don Leonard, Utah Brine Shrimp Industry Wilf Sommerkorn, Salt Lake City Planning Director Dave Livermore, The Nature Conservancy Lynn DeFreitas, Friends of the Great Salt Lake Leland Myers, and South Davis Sewer District.

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