Senior Art Exhibit Moves Online

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May 4, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY—Spring semester for art majors always ends with a senior art exhibit. It is a self-curated and produced exhibition – not only a culmination of student learning but also a requirement of the art program’s senior studio course. When the coronavirus pandemic forced the college to cancel all events and move classes online, art majors were suddenly without a space or way to complete a crucial graduation requirement.

Westminster’s six graduating art majors scrapped all the exhibit planning they had in place which included a live band and food truck, and moved their gallery show online. Students fulfilled their capstone project by creating a website with artist statements and a tour of their works.

“The pandemic took us all by surprise and it required adaptation. As our senior capstone, we weren’t going to let the cancellation stop us from sharing our work,” said graduating senior, Summer Huddleston. “Moving our work online seemed like an obvious solution and we feel grateful that Westminster recognized our website as a qualifying capstone. It took some extra time to photograph our work and modify some of our presentations (like my melting ice block), but we were able to pull it together and present a virtual experience that we are all proud of.”

View the 2020 Senior Art Gallery

Meet Westminster’s 2020 Graduating Artists

Ashleigh Hughes sculpting in a studioAshleigh Hughes

Custom major: environmental design, Honors

“As a subsistence dairy farmer and ecologist, power dynamics of functional bodies fascinate me. I hope to become more aware of my own body and the bodies I interact with through my work. I'm also interested in how humans interact with the rest of the global environment.”

Braxton Avery holding a tablet that has artwork on it

Braxton Avery

Major: Bachelor of Arts, Dean’s List

“I've always loved hearing fantastical stories and seeing the incredible illustrations that often accompanied them, so much so that I eventually wanted to tell stories of my own making – both in words and with art. The Westminster College Art program has helped me realize my potential and magnify my talents. Consequently, it has also shown me what my weaknesses are (not just in art), but that’s a good thing, for I know now what I need to overcome and have been taught how to do so.”

Harris Wright holding horse sculpture

Harris Wright

Major: BFA studio arts

“My work varies in medium, but always has a sense of movement. I like the sense of community between professors and students in our art program. There's a 'we're in this together' feeling I think we all share, and it's easy to talk with professors about work I'm doing outside of class, too.”

Ruoxi Li holding a large piece of artwork that depicts a face

Ruoxi Li

Major: Bachelor of Arts

“I have always regarded “arts are from life” as the truth and explored many works of art about time and historical records. I think the world is beautiful, and our ordinary daily life is also beautiful. Therefore, I design a theme about ordinary life.”

Summer Huddleston standing in front of a piece of artwork of a animal, holding a sculpture of a animal

Summer Huddleston

Major: BFA painting and drawing, Dean’s List

“I believe art is a powerful form of communication and can leave a lasting impression. Take climate change for example, my art is a reminder of the impact our actions have if they remain unchanged. The art program here at Westminster College taught me how to use my art as a messaging tool and advocate for change.”

Taeler Johnson

Taeler Johnson

Major: Bachelor of Arts

“The images in my series follow many of the methods Bertillon used in his identification process and include contemporary methods of documenting identity. These images are presented as GIFs which are typically used as forms of non-serious communication. As a society we tend to view these forms of identification as absolute truth, ignoring the many ways that they can be inaccurate. These methods carry a lot of power when they become the deciding factor in someone's freedom, so it is important that they constantly be scrutinized."

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