This 830-Million-Year-Old Crystal Might Contain Life. And We're About to Open It.

NPR features Westminster biology professor Bonnie Baxter as she provides insight on geologist Kathy Benison and her team's discovery of possible microbial life in a 830-million-year-old crystal found in Australia. "An environmental organism that has never seen a human is not going to have the mechanism to get inside of us and cause disease," Baxter said. "So I personally, from a science perspective, have no fear of that." Baxter's contribution to the story reached international news sources, and the illustrative video used by NPR comes from the Great Salt Lake Institute's YouTube page.


What could possibly go wrong? Scientists want to crack open a 830-million-year-old crystal containing ancient microorganisms that might still be ALIVE

Científicos planean abrir un cristal de 830 millones de años que podría contener microorganismos que siguen vivos

Cristal de 830 de milioane de ani, conținând microorganisme antice, va fi deschis. Care e riscul unei pandemii apocaliptice

Γεωλόγοι θα ανοίξουν κρύσταλλο ηλικίας 830 εκατομμυρίων ετών που μπορεί να έχει μέσα αρχαίους ζωντανούς μικροοργανισμούς