Three Westminster Students Recognized as Emerging Leaders in Utah

6 of the the people recognized by the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs as emerging leaders

June 8, 2021

Three Westminster students are among the young people recognized by the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs as emerging leaders. Each student shared how they envision the future.

Deaun Saxby

Deaun Saxby (’21) 

“I hope to further equip my peers on how to be a genuine ally to the underrepresented communities that have suffered way too long.”

Jasmine McWilliams

Jasmine McWilliams (’21)

“My vision for the future is for mental health and health care services to be affordable and accessible to everyone. My goal is to advocate and create changes in policies that allows for underrepresented people to know that they have these resources and that there is no shame in using them.”

Obaid Barakzai

Obaid Barakzai (‘22)

“I vision a future of hope, a future where we all feel bigger than ourselves, a future imbued with stronger cross-cultural connections, and a future where we feel and see that our voices matter.”

About the Recognition

The Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs recognized students from universities across the state for leadership on their campuses and in their communities. And called for broader communities to affirm, welcome, and honor the emerging leaders of today so we can have a brighter tomorrow.

“Young people have been at the forefront of every social movement, calling for awareness, justice, and reform. These leaders may be young, but their authority is grounded in experience and they have shown that we must expect progress and foster collaboration in order to shape a future that will allow our most marginalized communities to thrive in all spaces.” Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs

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