Watch Live: Raven Nest with Five Eggs Perched on Fire Escape at Westminster College

raven standing over a nest

April 25, 2022

Two ravens started constructing a nest on the fire escape of a Westminster College building during a mid-April snowstorm. The nest was built from sticks and twigs with grass and leaves in the center. Soon five green eggs were nestled deep inside with two ravens protectively peering over their brood. 

“Ravens are known as some of the smartest animals on earth. They communicate using dozens of different vocalizations, and they use tools to solve complex problems,” said Lance Newman, PhD, dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. “This breeding pair must have decided that their kids belong in college—maybe so they can study famous poems about their ancestors. We’re so proud that they’ve chosen Westminster College!”

The large birds are often seen soaring over Westminster, their deep croaking echoing through campus. Ravens can lay between three and seven eggs. The male often feeds the female during incubation and both parents will bring food for the nestlings, according to the Audubon Society.

Incubation is 18 to 20 days, so the eggs are expected to hatch in early May. Westminster is live streaming the nest on its YouTube page.

Watch the raven nest live stream on YouTube.

Federal law prevents the destruction or disruption of a nest with birds or eggs in it. Westminster is proud to host the new family on campus and is excited to welcome our newest Griffins.