Westminster College Holds an Earthquake Drill with the Great Utah Shake Out

Tony Russell coordinating earthquake drill


Apr 21, 2017

Westminster College conducted an earthquake drill on April 20 in conjunction with the Great Utah Shake Out. The statewide exercise prepares organizations and families to survive and recover from an earthquake.

During the college's drill, all classrooms, offices and residence halls practiced sheltering in place then evacuating. Students, faculty and staff gathered in parking lots and on Dumke field. Building guardians accounted for evacuees. The training exercise tested the college's updated emergency management plan (EMP). It was also a test of the college's emergency notification system. All campus members should have received alerts via text, phone call and email.

During the exercise, college leadership utilized a new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located in the Giovale Library. The EOC gathered information about simulated injuries, building damage, gas leaks, police and fire response, media response and family notification.

"The earthquake drill was an excellent test of how all areas of campus would function during an emergency," said Kathryn Holmes, chief risk officer at Westminster. “During a real emergency, the college's first priorities are protecting life and stabilizing the situation. Accounting for every persons "wellbeing will be crucial for worried families."