Westminster Partners with Horizon Air to Provide Pilot Opportunities

Westminster Aviation students doing a pre-flight check

October 10, 2017

Alaska Airlines's regional partner helps provide defined career path for professional pilots

Westminster announces it has entered into an agreement with Horizon Air to launch two new partnership programs. Under the programs, qualified Westminster pilots will be eligible for job opportunities and stipends through Horizon Air.

"The purpose of this agreement is to provide Horizon with a consistent supply of high-quality, first officer pilots," said Brad McQueen, interim chair of Westminster's Aviation program. "This is accomplished through providing employment opportunities for pilots who are either completing training or who are employed at Westminster's flight operations as flight instructors."

Horizon Air is the regional partner of Alaska Airlines. The two new programs offered through the Horizon partnership include:

  • Horizon Air Training Commitment Agreement: A short-term hiring plan for Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) who are near air-carrier qualifications. Pilots who elect to participate receive a conditional job offer from Horizon as well as receiving a $7,500 stipend.
  • Horizon and Westminster Pilot Development Program: A program designed to recruit new students into Westminster flight operations program and subsequently provide Horizon with a consistent supply of qualified pilots. A $7,500 stipend will be awarded to eligible students to help fund their flight training upon completion of their commercial pilot certificate.

As the shortage of pilots in the airline industry continues to grow, Westminster has partnered with several airlines to provide its pilots with mentoring and career-path opportunities. Westminster currently has partnerships with three airlines, including SkyWest, Envoy and now, Horizon.

"In January, we launched an aggressive recruiting program," said John Hornibrook, vice president of flight operations at Horizon Air. "We believe scholarship programs like the one we have in place with Westminster will further boost our efforts to recruit qualified pilots to fly for Horizon."

"Our new Horizon Air agreement is beneficial to our students because it provides a defined career path for professional pilots and offers financial help to fund a portion of their flight training," added McQueen. "Our students are very encouraged by this new partnership. The Alaska Air Group is setting a new standard by investing in students early, and providing the support aviation students need to complete their training and successfully transition into their professional pilot careers."