Dr. Julie Stewart

Julie Stewart

Assistant Professor, Sociology
Westminster College

Areas of Expertise

Inequality; social movements; theories of development; globalization and migration; applied sociology; political sociology; Latin America; qualitative methods; social theory; social change; social problems

About Dr. Julie Stewart

Dr. Julie Stewart is an assistant professor of sociology at Westminster College. She holds a BA from Cornell University, an MA from Tulane University and a PhD from New York University. Although Utah has always been her true home, she has lived in New York City, Managua, New Orleans, San Jose and Guatemala City. Her interest in Latin American politics motivated most of her travel. Her teaching and research interests broadly fall into four fields: public policy, social movements, migration and development. What unites them is a thematic focus on displacement—both voluntary and forced. She seeks to better understand how people re-build community, engage in the political process and strive for upward mobility after displacement. She has published broadly on Guatemalan refugees, Mexican immigrants and migration policy in the U.S. Her research has been funded by grants provided by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the National Science Foundation, the John D. Rockefeller Foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation and the National Center for Border Security and Immigration.