Dr. Georgiana Donavin

Georgiana Donavin

Professor of English
Westminster College

Areas of Expertise

14th century England

About Dr. Georgiana Donavin

Georgiana Donavin is an expert on 14th century England and its trilingual literature. She is particularly interested in medieval methods for teaching composition, and her latest single-authored book, Scribit Mater: Mary and the Language Arts in the Literature of Medieval England, explores the Virgin Mary as a medieval Lady Rhetoric. Donavin views the Virgin Mary and other medieval theological concepts from a corrective feminist lens that reveals the power and position of many medieval women, a status that histories glorifying the reformation as a “renaissance” have sought to repress. At Westminster College, Donavin teaches courses in mythology, research methods, medieval literature and Latin language. She particularly enjoys mentoring students in ancient languages and in their own creative and scholarly projects. As co-director of a digital humanities project centered on the 14th century poet John Gower, she works to make the joys of medieval studies accessible to all.