Westminster Alum Aims to Decrease DUIs with Company's New Breathalyzer Kiosk

Nov 26, 2012

Nov. 26, 2012 BreathAdvisor creates kiosks to help users determine blood alcohol content prior to driving SALT LAKE CITY - When lights and sirens flash in your rear view mirror, it's rarely a welcome sight-especially if you've been drinking. In an effort to reduce the number of drunk driving incidents in the local community, Westminster alum Jason Knott has created a product that will allow patrons of alcohol serving venues to check their blood alcohol content (B.A.C.) prior to driving. Knott, who is also a current Westminster staff member, is the CEO of BreathAdvisor, a new company that claims to provide "the most accurate breathalyzer kiosk on the market." According to Knott, BreathAdvisor has teamed up with Lifeloc Technologies®, which provides law-enforcement grade, DOT-approved breathalyzers for the kiosks. The kiosks are offered at no cost to venue owners in Salt Lake City and charge users a small fee. "Many patrons have never used a breathalyzer until an encounter with law enforcement officials occurs, and at that point, it's usually too late," said Knott. "By using our kiosks regularly, patrons can become familiar with how their bodies process the alcohol they consume. This will allow our patrons to make informed decisions before getting behind the wheel." Knott knows from personal experience the importance of making informed decisions before stepping into the driver's seat. "The whole concept for BreathAdvisor started about three years ago when I was drinking at a local bar," he said. "I hadn't planned on driving home, but at the end of the night, I found myself in a circumstance of having a car there and feeling fine to drive home." Knott was subsequently pulled over by a highway patrolman for not signaling on his way out of the bar, and after passing the field sobriety tests, was administered a breathalyzer test. He blew .001 percent over the legal limit, but was fortunate to be given a warning and instructed to call a cab. Had he not been so lucky, he would have incurred approximately $10,000 in fines and legal fees, had his license revoked and faced possible jail time. "I decided at that moment that this was a problem I wanted to solve," he added. "I wanted to create something that would allow patrons to make informed decisions, because I never would have gotten into that car had I known I was over the legal limit." At the time of the incident, Knott was a student at Westminster and was enrolled in a class that required him to create a business idea and plan. With the help of Westminster's faculty and the college's Center for Entrepreneurship, Knott created a plan that earned him a top 10 ranking in Westminster's annual Opportunity Quest Business Plan competition. Through the program, he received extensive feedback and support that was critical to developing his company. "It's very exciting to see Jason Knott's business concept take shape and become a real business opportunity," added Linda Muir, Westminster's director for the Center for Entrepreneurship. "BreathAdvisor began as a business idea in the Westminster business plan competition two years ago, and it is very rewarding to see that our program can help spawn new companies like Jason's." "My faculty and advisors at Westminster were a huge source of encouragement and ideas since the beginning of the business," he said. "The connections my team and I have made at Westminster have been invaluable to us." Knott even found his first intern through Westminster. Sebastian Hooker, a current student and staff member at Westminster, joined BreathAdvisor in the summer of 2012. The BreathAdvisor kiosks house a 17-inch, high-definition display that presents a user-friendly interface and provides a clear numerical and graphical readout of the patron's blood alcohol content to the thousandth decimal point. The kiosk is fully anonymous and does not store any user information to ensure patron privacy. The kiosks will also be linked to local taxi company dispatchers, providing patrons with an option to request cab rides directly from the machine. BreathAdvisor's initial launch in December 2012 includes the following bars and restaurants: Lumpy's South, Canyon Inn, Zest and the Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City. For more information or interviews with Jason Knott, call 1-800-594-2701 or visit http://www.BreathAdvisor.com.

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